Seeing Beauty tourists in Bali Turtle Play Together

Foreign tourists who come to Bali usually want to spend time sunbathing on the beach . Not only that , these Westerners , it is also a great time playing with turtles at Tanjung Benoa .

When it comes to Tanjung Benoa , usually tourists will spend time playing water sports . Some of the water sports are generally played these Westerners from various countries are diving , snorkeling , parasailing , jet skiing and much more .

But there are other things to offer Tanjung Benoa , the Turtle Island travel . For the first time mendenger name may be wondering , why are they called Turtle Island ?

naming Turtle Island due to the turtle breeding activity there. Tourists who come can freely look cute turtles there , but by paying a levy first course .

To reach the Turtle Island , tourists should first cross the ocean for about 30 minutes . Along the way , the eye will be presented with a view of the open sea and row boats are also into Turtle Island .

Typically , timber ships carrying tourists to have a basic glass or so-called bottom glass . This glass allows you to see into the sea floor inhabited a variety of fish and beautiful coral reefs .

Blowing winds and aroma of the sea will accompany the journey to Turtle Island . Occasional splashes of sea water into the face of the inevitable . So abundant sunshine was sometimes dazzle

If you want to go to Bali , you should complete the steps below.

1 . Making appropriate schedule so the days you spend when there at happy

2 . Advised to come in June because there is a big day at commemorated in Indonesia as the birth of Pancasila , Jakarta birthday and many more events on the big day commemorated in June

To schedule june 2014 calendar you can create on the site and then print and save it as your holiday planning, 

Happy holiday to bali